Golf Instruction

Providing professional golf instruction for juniors, seniors, and everyone in between.

Golfer Management

Assisting golfers every step of the way to develop the tools to be successful as a professional golfer.

Golf Resources

Look to improve. Swing tips, equipment testing, tournament analysis, and more.

Swing Instruction

Individual attention is always given to you and your unique golf swing. Analysis and instruction is based on your physical swing statistics as well as your mental approach to the game. It's your swing, we just make it better.

Reach Your Goals

The Milwaukee Golf Academy partners with you to develop and reach your professional golfing goals. Let us assist you with your career at every step. We would love to join your team, and design your path to a successful professional golf career.

Get Your Game in Shape

Get ready for another season by kicking your golf swing into high gear. There are no excuses in golf boot camp. If you are slicing the ball, you will learn to draw, and if you are hooking the ball, you will learn to fade.


Next Steps...

Feel free to contact us today.  All initial consultations are free of charge.